Established in 2007, 9days Photography Limited is a vintage camera specialist located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. We are globally well-known as the treasure house of the camera lovers and photographers. Beside Leica, Nikon, Contax and Rollei, we also specialize in and focus on legendary camera and accessory brands including Alpa, Mamiya-Leaf, CarlZeiss, Hasselblad, PhaseOne, Impossible Project, SLR Magic, Novoflex, Tokina and MT (Match Technical Service).

9days collects only the finest mechanical crafts. Our cameras are all precisely designed and constructed while our lenses are classic optical art works which distinguish themselves by superb clarity and smoothness. With these beautiful crafts, not only your best moments in your life could be captured, but also your every desire in photography would be satisfied.

In our eyes, every camera is living and wise. They are not tools, but our partners. The love and passion for camera and photography makes us strive to be the best. Equipped with professional knowledge and solid experience, we are happy to share our thoughts with you. In 9days, only the greatest photographic equipment would be introduced. With our help, you could easily find the one that fits you the most.

9gazine, operated by 9days, is an online photography lifestyle magazine to share our passion, thoughts and knowledge about vintage cameras and lenses, especially Leica series. We wish to provide a free and relaxed platform for you to explore more about the precious history and distinctive features of different photo shooting partners, as well as any recent updates of photography.

9gazine is divided into several sections and each section contains distinct photographic information.


All the recent updates of photography, including any newly launched camera or lens models, any famous photograph exhibition or any special event relating to photo shooting are introduced here. It also includes the comparison of different models aiming to give you a clear concept about the differences and advantages among the models.


Descriptions of various camera models, mainly Leica series, are included here. In addition to the word descriptions, product photos and artistic photos are displayed for illustrating the photographic performance of cameras.


Descriptions of various lens models, mainly Leica M series, are included here. Apart from product photos, to better demonstrate the photographic performance of lens, artistic photos with corresponding captions are displayed.


Descriptions of various accessories for cameras and lenses are included here. Product photos are also displayed.


Recommendation of rare and valuable products is included here.


Various lifestyle photographs captured by Leica cameras and lens are shared here.


Artistic and beautiful photographs are displayed in flash.



The services provided by us:

  • Photographic equipments exchange;
  • Consignment services;
  • A space for reading and sharing

Welcome to visit our shop to exchange equipment, to develop a new cooperation, to read magazine and to share photography with a cup of coffee.

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Hong Kong.
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