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Leica has released lots of anniversary cameras and lenses to celebrate special anniversary dates and historical moments. We can always find new elements such as new material or new technology from them.

Decided to extend presence to areas outside Europe, Leica opened their first flagship store, the Leica Store Ginza, in Tokyo, Japan in 2006 to display full series of Leica products to Asian Market. Leica MP Titanium was introduced in April, 2007 to commemorate the first anniversary of the opening of Leica Store Ginza. It was sold only in Leica Store Ginza in Japan with 150 pieces of limited edition, without releasing to worldwide.

Leica MP Titanium

Leica MP Titanium

The appearance of Leica MP Titanium and standard Leica MP are almost the same, adopting traditional design of M series. There are in total 30 parts of Leica MP Titanium made of titanium, including all the exterior metal parts and fittings, without exception to the special body cap and the ISO selector disc on the back. The manufacturing process is similar to that of Leica M7 Titanium. It is not simply added a titanium coating on the surface but made of complete titanium, which is extremely strong and corrosion resistant, providing full protection. Titanium is also a lightweight metal, making the titanium version 90g lighter than standard Leica MP.

However, titanium is actually very difficult to manage. It has a very high melting point of 1668˚C. The manufacturing process includes design and calculation through computer program, before cutting a large piece of titanium into shape through machine. The whole process requires a lot of times and efforts. As the cutting process will release lots of heat that may cause damage to the knife, it may result in failure. It is also expensive if it is used in mass production. Most of the titanium-made cameras and lenses are in limited edition and they have very high collectable value.

Leica MP Titanium

Leica MP Titanium

Each MP Titanium limited edition comes with a good-designed display box, with its own signed certificate of originality by the previous CEO of Leica, Steven Lee at that time. The top deck was engraved “LEICA CAMERA AG SOLMS GERMANY” not included in Standard Leica MP. The serial numbers, from 001/150 to 150/150, was engraved on hot shoe.

Leica MP Titanium

The Leica MP Titanium is very difficult to be found because of limited edition of 150 pieces in Japan market only. Thus, the collectable value is very high.

Leica MP Titanium
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